Radio Producer/Presenter
In Dec, 2011 Patricia became part of the whole new revamped radio station Capital FM 88.9, Women the new Capital, which she joined together with 6 other female radio DJ’s; Asha Gill, Xandria Ooi, Joanne Kam, April Kuan and Sheela, and only two males, Joey G and Liang. For a full year Patricia produced and entertained listeners with her ‘My City’ show which aired Mondays to Fridays from 1 - 4pm. Her show taught listeners about what to see, explore and experience as a single girl- hitting topics such as exciting travel destinations, book and movie reviews, women topics, food, events and of course music. With a refreshing playlist that included a mix of indie, alternative, chill-out, deep house and lounge, and her fun personality injected in to the show it naturally became a successful year for the music lover.

At the end of her contract Patricia decided to part with Capital FM to seek new challenges but soon found herself back on air with her ‘My Indie’ show aired every Monday on AFOradio.com. My Indie comes as a response to the many requests from her followers and this time the effort is purely for the love of music.
FB (My Indie by Patricia K):

To all you indie fans out there... Patricia K, the multi talented model, presenter, DJ and former radio DJ of My City on Capital FM is now back to hit your sound waves. This time streaming live on aforadio.com. Catch her laidback side as she shares with you her collection of handpicked indie tunes. So if you're looking for good music, be sure to tune into My Indie with Patricia K every Monday 2 - 4pm on AFOradio.com. This is definitely a playlist for keeps.

If you remember 'My City' that was on Capital FM - a similar mix of music will continue on 'My Indie':) Indie pop, Indie Emo, Indie Rock, Electronic, Post-rock etc...
Stay tuned to AFOradio.com every Monday from 2 – 4pm and check out the Podcast + Playlist that will be out every single week.