After hosting a few events, Patricia quickly got the feel of talking in front of a crowd, which then went on to being in front of a camera. She was soon called in for an audition for ESPN’s Castrol Football Crazy and selected to become the third and only girl hostess, alongside Adam C and JD. The regional reach of ESPN, greatly expanded Patricia’s following, as fans from all over Asia tuned in to watch Patricia and her two co-hosts exhibit their football enthusiasm.

Patricia’s concurrent career as a radio host started as the voice for the no. 1 radio station in Malaysia - HITZ fm. With obvious voice talent and a profound passion for music it was only a matter of time before Patricia had her own show, ‘My City’ on Capital FM, 88.9. Patricia has since moved on to produce her ‘My Indie’ show aired every Monday on AFOradio.com, an effort carried out purely for the love of music.

Upon completing a successful season of Castrol Football Crazy, ESPN offered Patricia a position as the TV host for ‘Maxis Football Extra’ airing every Sunday live at 11am. The following year Patricia would fly to Singapore every Sunday to present the popular football highlights with her co- host, JD.

As for Master of Ceremony, Patricia remain committed to hosting events and has MC’ed for brands such as E! News Asia, Warehouse, Givenchy, BMW, Marie Claire, Ben Sherman, L’Oreal, FHM and Moet & Chandon, just to name a few.
Hosting List
Axe F1 - Pavilion Pit Stop Marie Claire
Ben Sherman Furla McClaren
Carlsberg – Where is the party? (x3) Givenchy Nivea (x2)
Carlsberg dinner at Marini 57
(Special Guest – Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark)
GUESS (x2) Pandora
Define FAME Hennessy Spin Master
Define (x5) Hyundai Sephora (x5)
DIVA – How do I look Asia tour (x3) KFit Launch Sime Darby LPGA 2014 Breitling
Estée Lauder Sunway Store Launch La Senza Top 10 Asia
Esquire L'Oreal Toshiba Buro 24/7 Launch
E! News (Interviews with Yuna, Fazura, Jay Park) LYN Warehouse (x2)
FHM 50 Top Hottest Females
AFO Radio/La Senza February 2014 (Hosting)
Shout Awards 2012 - Hottest Girl and Hottest Guy Award (Award Presenter)
Football Overload November 2012 (Interview shared with Sarah Lian)
Go Travel with Patricia in SG at the POD Capsule Hotel