As a mother, nothing is more important to media personality Patricia K than the well-being, growth and happiness of her 15-month old daughter, Sophia. One of the simplest ways of ensuring this is by making sure Sophia gets the nutrition she requires. Being a foodie herself, it was important for Patricia to give her child food that was not only healthy and beneficial, but also delicious. This spurred her to come up with Hygge Babies Baby Food, a homegrown brand offering nutritious, tasty, convenient and – most importantly – affordable baby food to parents.

Hygge(pronounced hue-gah )is a Danish word that isn’t meant to be translated, rather felt. It is a form of togetherness, and a highly-valued everyday experience of safety, equality, wholeness and a spontaneous social flow that results in satisfaction or well-being.

This was the precise feeling Patricia – along with her team consisting of celebrity cook Ili Sulaiman and event planner Allia Merzouk – wanted to recreate with their range of garden-to-table baby food. As an advocate of celebrating culture through food, it was also important to them that Hygge Babies give parents the opportunity to introduce their little ones to the opulence of local flavours without compromising nutrition or taste.

Formulated with locally-sourced ingredients to not only ensure freshness and good taste, the six flavours available in the Hygge Babies baby food line are gluten-free, egg-free and virtually vegan, making Hygge Babies baby food a healthy choice for your little ones.